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Deb loves collecting experiences through travel and adventures. She loves whiskey and road trips, but not at the same time. She is living life on her terms. She is Michigan native and life-long resident. Last year she discovered the joys of being a snowbird and now plans to spend all her future winters in warm sunny climates. When she's not traveling you'll find her creating recipes, reading, drinking coffee or planning her next grand adventure.
10 Fun Things To Do In Lake Charles, LA
September 30, 2014
There is so much to see and do in Lake Charles, LA. There is great weather, gorgeous landscapes, fantastic food, and wonderful places to stay. More importantly there is a fun cajun culture just waiting to be discovered.
Discover Birding in Southwest Louisiana
September 11, 2014
It's still early as we board the small boat that will take us out into the marshes. As we move away from the dock we are surrounded by the peacefulness of nature. Before long we start spotting a variety of birds and the shutter noise of cameras breaks the quiet calm. I'm surprised at the number and variety of birds we spot and realize that this is birding in Southwest Louisiana at it's finest.
Exploring the Natural Wildlife of Southwest Louisiana
September 9, 2014
Along the coast of southwest Louisiana lie 180 miles of wild nature that are perfect for birding, fishing, beach combing and wildlife spotting. Pack your binoculars, camera, sunscreen, and fishing gear because the Creole Nature Trail is waiting to show you the best nature crawl in the state.
Richardson's Family Adventure Park
October 9, 2013
Richardson's Family Adventure Park is located in Spring Grove, IL. Farmed since 1840 the Richardson family has continuously adapted and grown to fit the needs of families everywhere. From their beginnings of farming corn and soybeans to adding Christmas trees in the 1990's to now offering one of the best family attractions in the area.
FALLing In Love With Chicago Botanical Gardens
October 8, 2013
Fall is a great time to visit the Chicago Botanical Gardens. The weather is perfect during this season for strolling around the 26 gardens and four nature areas. The summer colors may be starting to fade, but the gardens are now alive with explosions of fall colors that are just as vibrant as summerís intense blooms. Flowers in bloom right now include mums, lilys, sedums, sweet william, and alumroot.
8 Family Fun Things To Do In Rockford, IL
October 3, 2013
Small towns around the midwest offer more fun and entertainment than most people realize. Rockford, IL is one of those towns. This town located approximately 90 minutes west of Chicago offers fun activities for the entire family whether you have little ones or teens. Rockford is home to the sock monkey festival, world-class water ski team, music, arts, shopping, museums, outdoor fun and so much more. Rockford will provide your family with big city fun and culture, but with small town cost and ambiance.
Deb Thompson
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