Our Very Best Summer Vacation Ideas
The annual summer family vacation is a welcome treat each year, even if you didn't endure the brutal winter that our family experienced. It's a chance to slow down and visit with loved ones as life rushes by, or an excuse to take several mini-getaways in between over-scheduled weeks. As vacation time becomes more precious we want to help ...
by Kyle McCarthy READ MORE
A Weeklong Tour Of Norway's
BERGEN, Norway (Day 1 of 9) - Smoked whale anyone? My favorite way to combat jet lag: A good walk and some good eats. OK, maybe whale isn't to everyone’s taste but you can't get better fish than in Norway - especially salmon served smoked, marinated or simply broiled.
by Eileen Ogintz READ MORE
Dublin, Ireland
Just in time for St. Patrick's Day! The Savvy Stews have landed in Dublin, Ireland to check out the sights, meet with the President (yes, THE President of Ireland!), and Bobby learns how to pour the PERFECT pint of Guinness!
by Gailen David and Bobby Laurie READ MORE
Midwest Travel: Geocaching in Galena, Illinois
Galena, Illinois has been on my Midwest Travel bucket list for quite some time. So, when we found ourselves with an open Sunday and the perfect weather for a summer road trip, we headed down to the Northwest corner of Illinois to see why so many people love this historic river town.
by Julie Henning READ MORE
Perfect 10
They represent not only the culture of the west but the lifestyle of the Sioux Indians. "The buffalo have to be there for our culture to exist. As we bring our herds back to health, we will also bring our people back to health." says Fred DuBray, a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe. They are so much a part of American culture it's ...
by Kathleen Walls READ MORE
NM lodging options offer great variety
Travelers will find an astronomical amount of lodging options in all price ranges in New Mexico's "trio" -- everything from affordable La Quintas to cozy casitas, charming bed & breakfasts to luxurious sanctuaries and world-class resorts. The good news is that many of the properties are pet friendly, so be sure to inquire when making your...
by Michelle Newman READ MORE
TMS 2013 Rockford, IL
The 2013 Travel Media Showcase conference was held in Rockford, IL from August 20-23. The 70 travel writers and 82 exhibitors networked, went on local area attraction tours, and experienced the best of what Rockford has to offer!
by TMS 2013 Rockford, IL READ MORE
Midwest Travel: Geocaching in Galena, Illinois
July 14, 2014
Galena, Illinois has been on my Midwest Travel bucket list for quite some time. So, when we found ourselves with an open Sunday and the perfect weather for a summer road trip, we headed down to the Northwest corner of Illinois to see why so many people love this historic river town.
Get Swamp Fever: Visit Phinizy Swamp Nature Park
June 30, 2014
This 1,100 acres of wildlife filled wetlands just minutes from downtown Augusta provides trails to hike or bike, waters to kayak or canoe, picnic areas and even a nature campus for students. It offers something for every age and interest. It is a habitat for wildlife. You will find birds, mammals, reptiles and fish. Even the insects offer interesting photo ops.
Branson: Something For Everyone
June 30, 2014
The American Bus Association (ABA) and the National Tour Association (NTA) consistently vote Branson as a top motor coach destination. Bank Travel magazine and Leisure Group Travel choose Branson as one of the top U.S. destination for their clubs. The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation's (RBFF) Take Me Fishing Campaign rate Table Rock State Park in the list of top 100 Family Friendly Places to Boat and Fish in the U.S. Silver Dollar City was named one of the top 10 best theme parks in the world by Amusement Today.
Discovery Park of America
June 30, 2014
You can experience an earthquake such as the ones that rocked this area of Northwest Tennessee in 1811 and 1812 changing the terrain and creating a brand new waterway, Reelfoot Lake. The Earthquake Simulator is only one of the reasons you will want to visit Discovery Park.
Dancing Leaf
June 30, 2014
Les and Jan Hosick started Dancing Leaf Cultural Learning Center in Stockville, NE in 1987, and moved to their present location in 1998. The Hosicks converted a 115 acre former Boy Scout camp into a tribute to the prehistoric peoples who inhabited the loess hills and canyons surrounding Medicine Creek near Wellfleet, Nebraska.
Happy Birthday, Rock and Roll
June 30, 2014
Memphis DJ for WHBQ radio, Dewey Philips, played the recording a few days later on July 8 and a nation of teen-aged girls fell under the spell of the modest young man from Tupelo Mississippi who had moved to Memphis as a preteen. Other singers jumped on the bandwagon and Elvis's brand of Rock and Roll dominated the airways until the British invasion by four young men from Liverpool changed the style to a more international one.
Frank Lloyd Wright's Masterpiece in Rockford
June 30, 2014
I was lucky enough to get a preview. Jerry Heinzeroth, who was a close friend of the Laurents as well as President of the Laurent House Foundation board, gave us a special tour. The story behind the home is as thrilling as the new museum.
Augusta's Treasure: The Partridge Inn
June 30, 2014
No other hotel in Augusta can match the gracious Partridge Inn for history and ambiance. A stay at the historic inn offers the feel of visiting an Antebellum home. That might be because originally the Partridge Inn was just that. Despite the fact that the Partridge Inn didn't turn into a hotel until the 1900s, it does had an intriguing Civil War legend surrounding the gracious old hotel. Partridge Inn began life in 1816 as the two-story home of Daniel and Elizabeth Meigs. It was prior to before the home passed into public use that the event creating the legend is believed to have occurred.
Heart of the Confederacy: Augusta's Civilians
June 30, 2014
As it was, the South was far behind the North in this area. The South was basically agricultural while the North was industrial. One southern city that was far in advance of the majority of other cities in the Confederacy in the industrialization department was Augusta, Georgia. Here the civilians were the real war heroes.
Georgia Crafts
June 30, 2014
Both women were African Americans who advanced the cause of equality for their people. Both were born in central Georgia within 15 miles of one another. Both grew to adulthood in Macon, Georgia. Both women believed strongly in the value of education for free blacks and founded schools. Both are memorialized in interesting places to visit in Georgia. Keep reading as I am going to tell you of two museums to visit that will bring the story of these amazing women to life for you.
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