Top 5 Multigenerational Vacations for Every Budget
According to findings from the 2015 MMGY Global Portrait of American Travelers survey, more than 40 percent of Americans reported taking a multigenerational trip in the previous year. And demand continues to rise, with MMGY Global forecasting multigenerational trips to increase by 7 percent in 2016.
by Kyle McCarthy READ MORE
In Albuquerque: An Historic Inn And Organic Farm
Check out the peacocks! Smell the lavender! Tonight we're at the family-owned Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm in Albuquerque, which was established in 1934. There are 22 rooms with wood burning fireplaces, original artwork, carved ceiling beams and products made with the farm's lavender. (Love the bath wash!) By next year it will...
by Eileen Ogintz READ MORE
Carlsbad Hotels Perfect For Families
Golfers already love Carlsbad because of the great weather and pristine courses, and so will families for the selection of great hotels and beaches. This affluent seaside city is home to the LEGOLAND® California Resort, seven miles of stunning beaches, and about an hour away from Disneyland, making it a perfect getaway for families. Looki...
by Kimberly Tate READ MORE
Get Out of The RV: 5 Restaurants That Are Worth The Stop
One of the benefits of RVing, especially for families, is the kitchen/campfire combination. Besides the convenience of putting together a meal in the middle of nowhere, you're more likely to eat healthier foods and save money over dining out. But, no matter how well you eat in that RV, there are some restaurants across the US that are wor...
by Jody Halsted READ MORE
Good Bones: Waco Mammoth National Monument
On July 10, 2015, President Obama created three new National Monuments. One of these sites protect some of the most important paleontological finds in American History, Waco Mammoth National Monument. I visited the site a few months ago and was amazed at the number and condition of the preserved fossils.
by Kathleen Walls READ MORE
Christmas over the top in the Big Apple
Christmas in the Big Apple is in a league of its own. It's over the top. You can feel the contagious excitement in the air. I'm in the midst of it all as I write this - swept up in the irresistible sights, sounds and smells of the holiday season. Dancing, singing and subway-riding Santas, concerts, extravagant holiday windows, lavish deco...
by Michelle Newman READ MORE
This Is Africa
Christopher Riley
Travel Media Showcase is proud to share "This Is Africa: A journey from Kenya to Uganda," a spectacular photo essay by New Jersey-based landscape and portrait photographer Christopher Riley. We want to encourage this talented young man to follow his dreams of being a journalist and hope that everyone enjoys this sample of his work.
Deb Thompson

Journalist Spotlight

Deb Thompson

TMS is thrilled to take the opportunity to spotlight some of our TMS Mamas and Papas. Click here to get to know some fun facts about Deb Thompson.
Millennial marketing a good long-term plan
May 17, 2016
Be honest. Are you tired of hearing about Millennials? Where they travel, what their spending habits are and -- most of all -- how obsessed they are with social media? I admit that, although I have a lot of Millennials in my life that I enjoy professionally and personally, for a while now I've been quietly waiting for the next trend to come along. For those of you with similar thoughts: Don't hold your breath.
Tibetan Blossoming in Hoosier Countryside
May 1, 2016
A kind-faced woman smiles from a silver- framed photograph. Something about the happiness in her eyes looks familiar. A nearby picture of a young man shows a strong resemblance. He, too, radiates joy and seems almost on the verge of laughing out loud.
Centennial Indy 500: 100th Running of Indy 500 To Be Celebrated
May 1, 2016
The rumble of snarling engines mingles with the thunderous roar of an estimated 100,000 people at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Resplendent in a spiffy white suit, Carl Fisher drives the pace car, a Stoddard-Dayton roadster, to lead the pack of 40 race cars on the first of what would become a Memorial Day tradition.
New Mexico - Land of Enchanted Cuisine
March 29, 2016
Red or green? That's what everyone asks you in New Mexico restaurants. Translation: The story goes that a waitress at the popular breakfast and lunch place on Santa Fe's Plaza, Tia Sophia's, got tired of the question so she'd just ask people if they wanted both - Christmas! Now that term is widely used all over New Mexico but Tia Sophia owner Nick Maryol, who took the poplar eatery over from his dad, swears the story is true.
Green Chile Cheeseburger and Bubbling Hot Springs - New Mexico Tour
March 28, 2016
It's a risk as well as an adventure - stopping for a green chile cheeseburger lunch (a New Mexico specialty) at a grocery store/gas station along the state's Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail. We were at Bodes General Store (established 1919 but long before that was a post office, stage coach stop and jail as well as a store) in the tiny (under 600 people - one person per square mile) town of Abiquiu which incidentally is where Georgia O'Keefe famously lived very simply.
The Bear Facts
January 6, 2016
The American Black Bear has a wide range. They are found along the eastern seaboard of North America from Alaska to Northern Mexico and in parts of western United States. They are very adaptable so they have learned to survive in closer proximity to humans than many other wild creatures. This very trait that helped them survive for millions of years, now is putting them on the path to extinction.
Party Like it's 1565
January 6, 2016
When it comes to throwing a big birthday bash, nobody tops Saint Augustine. Then, no other city in the country has been around for 450 years. For the big 450 Celebration they pulled out all the stops. When the planning started they asked all the usual questions. Bands? Let's get some of the best names. Stage? How about five? Weekend festival? No let's carry it over for four days from the Friday of Labor Day Weekend until Tuesday, September 8, the actual birthday.
Time Tripping at Mayborn Museum
January 6, 2016
Mayborn Museum in Waco, Texas is filled with interesting things for young and old alike: a place for the scholar or the fun seeker. It's a fun trip back in time, It has indoor exhibits and great outdoor historical village. It opened in 2004 as a blending of the former Strecker Museum, a Children's Discovery Center and the Outdoor Village all situated at different places originally.
Stay and Play
January 6, 2016
Planning a vacation to Louisiana in the future? When you are choosing a hotel consider staying at a casino. You say you don't gamble. Still casinos are a good choice for several reasons even for family vacations. They offer reasonable prices and all the advantages of a resort. There are always restaurants for every taste and budget. Shops and entertainment abound in casino. The ever important swimming pool is usually offered in several versions. For those who do wish to indulge in the gaming the opportunities are limitless. You will have a confortable visit, you can bet on it.
LeBleu's Landing
January 6, 2016
If you're looking for a real Cajun food experience, you can find it at LeBleu's Landing in Sulphur, Louisiana. The restaurant is named for the earliest settler of this southwest corner of Acadiana, Bartheleme Blaise LeBleu. The family history includes a lot of Jean Lafitte lore. Obviously Lafitte loved good food. I can be sure of that since he was French. Have you ever known a Frenchman who didn't love good food?
Cajun or Zydeco?
January 4, 2016
Is it Cajun or Zydeco? That's the most common question folks ask when they hear Louisiana music. Well, Cajun music is the "folk music" of the Arcadian people exiled from Canada who settled mostly in southern Louisiana. It will usually have fiddles along with an accordion, and guitars. Modern Cajun music has borrowed some from County and Western.
Delicious Diners
January 4, 2016
Diners were the American fast food joints of the early 20th century. They began in the 1870s and were the most popular eatery of the middle class until the 1970s with the coming of the fast food chains that are so popular with younger people who think a McBurger is high cuisine.
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